Saturday, April 30, 2011

Earth Quakes and Exterme Weather signs... is the end drawing near?

Crazy weather patterns are happen this year with Tornadoes ripping through the US, dead birds and fish just dropping dead, and huge earthquakes. What is this telling everyone? Are they all warning signs that the end of world in 2012 is drawing near? If you look at the polar ice caps, they are melting at a extreme rate and more water ... equals more havoc coming. The earth is adjusting to a rapid change and might explain why the world is getting whacked with crazy weather. We are not done! Look at Japan, they were ready for earthquakes but not a type 9 earthquake. You would think they would have state of the art nuclear power plants that could sustain any natural catastrophe. The world better get more prepared in the coming months and years, because I do not believe in the doomsday theory, but I do believe may more powerful weather patterns are happening.

What is going to happen when you have no power and lack of clean water? Start getting prepared now and educate yourself how to protect your family. Start storing supplies like: backup generators, first aid kits, matches, food, water, portable FM radio, flashlights, portable tents, and most important cash!!! Its always good to get prepared, as governments are always slow to respond, and depends on your location also. So good luck.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Unexplained mysteries - Signs that 2012 Doomsday is nearing?

Weird things are happening and with no explanation. There have been a slew of unsolved dead bird and fish mysteries across the globe. Plenty of news out there with conspiracy theories, from government poising, to radioactive rays coming from space etc. How about the crazy weather going on around the globe. Deep freeze and snow in places that don't normally get it. Is it global warming that is messing up nature and would be the downfall of mankind? Or is it warnings of the upcoming apocalypse in December 2012?

Personally, if you believe its coming "THE END OF THE WORLD" you should be enjoying your life to fulliest but.... Nostradamus never said anything about 2012 and Sir Issac Newton made a calculation based on scripture that showed the end of the world could not happen before 2060. There are far more stories of apocalypse with different dates, plus, are the Mayan expected to create a calender going forever? Think about it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


There has been several articles pointing to a potential space storm coming our way that will disrupt life as we know it. Earth will be hit with unprecedented levels of magnetic energy from solar flares. NASA said the super storm could hit like 'a bolt of lightning' and could cause catastrophic problems, like frying or disrupting communication equipment and electrical grids, so make sure you have your Apple iPhone off. This is if we survive the 2012 catastrophy.

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